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Liz Fagan

I'm motivated to help ambitious individuals tap into their divine consciousness and create a freedom lifestyle.

Do you strive to create a life full of passion, meaning, and heartfelt existence? Physically showing up to your day job isn't cutting it, but you don't know how to make the change.

Your heart is SCREAMING for a new direction, but your mind keeps getting in the way. Choosing a life of leadership can be hella scary. To grow from where we are, to where we DREAM means every day is a hustle.

I've dedicated my life to this practice. I'll equip you with practical tools I've accumulated over the past seven years to get your mind, body, and soul in line. I believe anyone with the right mindset, can create the life the soul craves.

Are you ready to show up & invest in your future in a MAJOR way?

1 on 1 with Liz

Freedom Mindset Mastery

My goal? To help you align your actions, your thoughts and your present moment.
We will dig DEEP. Big shifts in our life and business start with our mindset. We're going to rewrite the subconscious, get incredibly tapped into our flow state, and start our way towards living the digital nomad lifestyle.
Whether you want to…
- Attract more & more followers
- Design a life of impact & meaning
- Get out of your own way & start playing BIG
…I’ll show you how to craft, piece by piece, the mindset it takes to realize your goals.

"Liz was the perfect person to work with because of the lifestyle she lives. She practices what she preaches, and you can see how amazing her life is because of that.

Liz has taught me to follow my dreams. She lived an average life before, and it wasn’t working for her - it's not where her calling was. She decided to chase her dreams, and I realized that type of life was obtainable. It's so inspiring that I am now inspired to live that type of life."

Cassie MansfieldMuay Thai Fighter, World Traveler

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Program Details

Freedom is on the other side of your fear. We’re going to dig deep and work relentlessly to get you where you want to go. Private mentorship with me is a life-changing journey that is completely customized to YOU. We'll focus on:

Your Highest Vision
Bulletproof Courage
Unpack & Heal Emotional Blocks
Mindset and Self-Worth
Lifestyle Design
Discover your IKIGAI
Badass your Brand
Website Design
Workshops, Retreats, & Trainings Production

Clarity Calls
Strategy Sessions
Q&A Calls
Direct email access to me
Lifetime Access to all Video Calls

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Who I am

Believe me when I tell you I tried to fit the mold laid out for me. Go to school, get the career, land the job and work to live. I was finishing up community college when I learned my mom had cancer. The death of my 54-year-old mom was the moment I realized life is short.
This is the time my life shifted.

Sean and I flew to Thailand with no plan on how to make money. 21 at the time, I was in a dark place and had zero tools on positive coping mechanisms. Just as our savings were running out, I did my first yoga teacher training. Through hours of physical discipline, mental stillness and self-reflection, I found my new profound reason for life, my IIkigai. I still hadn't figured out the money thing, moved back to my hometown in NY, returned to waitressing and completed my B.A. in Journalism. I created my first website, fell in love with storytelling and began working on a way to fuse my passions together.

Years passed, I completed more YTT, hosted retreats around the world but still, I couldn't figure this nomadic lifestyle out. This is the moment I yet again invested in my personal development and hired a mentor. Given the tools to move forward and surrounding myself with like-minded individuals was what I needed to finally open my eyes.

Life is too short to cap your money or "time off". Life is too short to squeeze into societies mold. Life is way too short to not believe in your capabilities.

I am dedicated to EMPOWERMENT. I am dedicated to creating a space where you BELONG.
I am dedicated to your success. I need you to be dedicated to the process.

Together We Build Dreams

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