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We are two human beings who have created “Freedom Businesses” around our passions for world travel, fitness and self-development. Now we show motivated individuals how to escape the rat race through online business and the power of the mind so they can live a Fiercely Free Life, too!

Our training programs consist of powerful, proven practices that anyone can follow, as well as a radical new way of thinking that unlocks your mind and invites in success.


Costa Rica, Greece, Thailand & Spain!

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Unlock Your Mind

The first step to living the life of your dreams is believing – noKNOWING you can do it! With our proven set of mindset tactics & strategies, you will be able to manifest your visions and develop the confidence to pursue them.

Master Your Time

Time is the most valuable currency we have. Using it in the most productive and efficient way is crucial to your success in creating a Freedom Business.

Badass Your Brand

Choosing the right niche and creating unique, irresistible branding will lay the foundation for your online success. We provide actionable, easy-to-follow steps to give you 100% confidence in your business plan.

Develop Valuable Skills

We break down the most critical qualifications to pick up so you can create a highly profitable Freedom Business that generates passive income while you sleep! Earn while you travel the world and enjoy what it has to offer.

Product & Sales Funnel Creation

If you want to maximize your profit and save enough time & money to travel all while pursue your passions, you NEED to provide game-changing products and services. Not only that, you need to know how to SELL them too!

Monetization, Scaling & Automation

After you’ve laid a solid foundation for your Freedom Business, the next step is automating and scaling it. It is very possible to live the “4-Hour Work Week” while still raking in the cash!

These coaching programs are not for everyone. You’ve got to be ready to escape the Rat Race and committed to building from the ground up your Fiercely Free Life. We’ve done it for ourselves – now we’re ready to show you how to do it, too. This is your chance. Start designing your dream life today.

Sit back & take a moment to browse through some of our top posts.

Jeff Chan, Pro Fighter, Owner of

“I’d say one of the luckiest days of my life was when I met Sean Fagan. I had the opportunity to hang out with Sean and he told me all about his life as an entrepreneur and how he set up his online business. I hesitantly asked how he made it all happen and surprisingly he told me everything.

I am no longer working for law enforcement where I hated my 12 hour overnight shifts and I am doing something I am passionate about, EVERYDAY. It becomes so addicting that work does not feel like work and I look forward to doing it on weekends too.”

Cassie MacMansfield, Fighter & Traveler

“Liz was the perfect person to work with because of the lifestyle she lives. She practices what she preaches, and you can see how amazing her life is because of that.

Liz has taught me to follow my dreams. She lived an average life before, and it wasn’t working for her – it’s not where her calling was. She decided to chase her dreams, and I realized that type of life was obtainable. It’s so inspiring that I am now inspired to live that type of life.”

Lawrence Kenshin, Online Entrepreneur & Influencer

“There is no one more qualified to mentor and teach someone how to make money online in Muay Thai. Sean is the real deal. He’s helped me tremendously and he’s going to help many others in the future. It’s not just about Muay Thai either. The principles of making money online is transferable to every business and every market.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or you have yet to find success in your niche, definitely check out what Sean has to say.”

Katherine Macaulay, Teacher & Fitness Enthusiast

“Yoga wasn’t my thing. I always struggled and was always too much in my own head, but Liz’s yoga classes made me feel very comfortable. It was also nice to know that the stretches we did helped with Muay Thai, so It’s been really enjoyable and I feel very refreshed. I felt very connected in her class which is something I never experienced with other yoga teachers.”

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