Travel The World, Make Passive Income, And Pursue Your Passions Without Anyone Telling You What To Do

THIS is the dream of almost every digital nomad, freedompreneur or laptop lifestyle designer…

… does this sound like your type of dream life too?

If it is, you’re in the right place — and that’s a good start. However, before we get moving any further, I need to clarify a few things that often drive me CRAZY.

First off, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I hear someone talk about this type of “digital nomad lifestyle” or “freedom lifestyle” like it’s some sort of fantasy land that only a select few get to visit. These are the same people who say they can’t leave their “safe” job because of their 6-weeks of paid vacation a year or their good health benefits. They also say how “lucky” I am to be traveling the world while making good money doing something I have a genuine love for.

Let me fill you in on a little secret…

… Luck has very little to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong, there was definitely some luck involved, but 95% (or more) of it had to do with following a proven system, working my ass off to implement it, making sacrifices and most importantly, BELIEVING in myself and the dream life I was in search of.

I used to be stuck in the rat race of life and think that a normal job was a good, “safe” thing too. I also thought 6-weeks of paid vacation was absolutely incredible. But after my best friend died suddenly at a young age I realized how short and precious life was.  I only had this one life to live, so why would I want to live it stuck at a job I didn’t even enjoy while working long hours for someone else’s benefit?

It just didn’t make sense to me.

After quitting my job, reading the 4-Hour Work Week, and traveling to Thailand for the first time, I made the decision to create a life I didn’t need a vacation. I decided that I had to create a online Freedom Business so that I could live what I call, The Fiercely Free Life. 

So that’s exactly what I did. And you can too!

Although this digital nomad lifestyle is definitely dreamy, it is NOT far out of reach.

We live in an amazing time where you can work from your laptop anywhere in the world and make more money than most people could ever imagine. In fact, as I write this I am laying on one of the many beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan, Thailand with my wife Liz and my dog Suay as we are watching the sunset.

I know, I should probably be taking in the sunset and enjoying the present moment, right?

Well here’s the thing; I’m been helplessly addicted for years to helping ambitious people, like yourself, create this same type of freedom lifestyle, this type of Fiercely Free Life.

Ever since I was able to escape the rat race and live life on my own terms I knew that I wanted to help people break free from the societal norms and create a life that lights their souls on fire. A life where they can do what they want, when they want, how they want.

A life of complete freedom.

Does that sound like the type of life you want to live? Well, if you’re still reading this far I’ll take it as a yes 🙂

But now I gotta give you some tough love. This is NOT going to be easy.

Laying the foundations for creating an online Freedom Business takes a lot of time, energy and focus, but as long as you’re able to keep the end goal in sight and truly BELIEVE that you have the ability to make it a reality, I have no doubt that you too can live a Fiercely Free Life.

3 Key Steps To Making Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle Dream A Reality

1. Follow A PROVEN System

2. Take Relentless, Aggressive Action EVERYDAY

3. Develop An Undeniable BELIEF In Yourself and Your Dreams

Throughout this blog, I’m mainly going to help you with #1 and show you the exact formula(s) for creating a 6-figure (or higher) online freedom businesses that range from online coaching, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, retreat/event hosting, membership sites, eBook publishing, freelancing and so much more.

However, I’ll also be helping you with numbers 2 and 3 throughout this blog to help you develop the habits and beliefs needed to put all the pieces together.

You’re probably feeling excited by now. Am I right? Good, keep it that way.

But I also want to keep things real too because when I read similar blogs (and I’ve read a lot) the authors often sound like they have rainbows coming out of their ass. They make everything sound as if there will be no challenges in the way and they often turn a blind eye to the inevitable doubts and fears that creep up in the back of your mind.

I’m a different type of writer.

I am not going to be all “peace, love and happiness dude”.

Although I will always encourage you and your dreams, I will also bring attention to the challenges, fears and uncertainties that most people face (including myself) throughout each individual step. This will give you a much better understanding of how to overcome these obstacles, and in doing so, it will give you the confidence and belief needed to follow things through until completion.

The Mission For This Online Freedom Business Blog

I will be writing a series of  “Freedom Business Formula” blog posts and books covering a variety of ways to make passive income online. I’ve been able to make a solid 6-figures (soon to be 7) doing work as a Freedom Coach, online influencer, affiliate marketer, ecommerce store owner, retreat organizer and host, freelancer and basically everything in between.

My aim is to teach you the proven systems that I’ve learned and more importantly, IMPLEMENTED, where I’ve been able to create this amazing Fiercely Free lifestyle.

The blend of sales funnels, high level programs and proven systems I’m about to share with you have been learned from the top online marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches and influencers there is including Sam Ovens, Tai Lopez, Taki Moore, Niyi Sobo, Russell Brunson, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield and many other successful online business owners and entrepreneurs that I’ve been fortunate enough to either interview on our podcast, The Fiercely Free Life (which you should definitely listen to!) or learn from by immersing myself in their content and program.

The goal of this blog is to take you from $0 to $10,000 a month and beyond while simultaneously laying a concrete online Freedom Business foundation so you can scale and automate your online business to heights you could have never imagined.

In the following series of blog posts I’ll be covering 7 main steps, with each step being vitally important to your success:

7 Steps To Creating A Successful Online Freedom Business


Step 1: Commit and Go All In

Step 2: Badass Branding

Step 3: Create A Content Masterplan

Step 4: Sales Funnel Strategy & Implementation

Step 5: Deliver Life Changing Results

Step 6: Automate

Step 7: Speed Up Results With Mentorship


I would argue that Step 1 (Committing/Going All-In) is by far the most important if you truly want to follow through, take action and get incredible results… so that’s what I’ll be starting with.

In fact, one of the main reasons I decided to start this blog is because 99% (if not all) the blogs I read on entrepreneurship/business glaze over this crucial topic which is a major key to success in business and any avenue of life. And even if this topic is covered, the authors don’t provide any practical advice on how to actually do it…

… This blog is going to be different.

These steps are going to be no-fluff with straight to the point, actionable advice that you can start implementing right away. Along with each section there will be companion worksheets that I’d highly recommend you download if you want to get the most out of this blog.

You can find the entire Coaching Companion Cheat Sheet here which includes worksheets, checklists and game changing exercises.

To repeat, your amount of success and how quickly you’ll see results will come down to how well you can implement the 3 key steps:

1. Follow A PROVEN System

2. Take Relentless, Aggressive Action EVERYDAY

3. Develop An Undeniable BELIEF In Yourself and Your Dreams

Like I said, I’ll be giving you the proven system and providing encouragement throughout this in-depth and extremely thorough series, but taking relentless action and believing in yourself will come down to your own discipline, drive and dedication.

If at any point you feel like you need more guidance, inspiration or accountability to implement all the high level strategies and tactics I’m teaching you, you can join our facebook group, Freedom Business Bosses, or apply for a spot in my Freedom Business Mentorship 

(I only take a few clients on at a time so space is limited)

Ready to get started? I know I am!

I’m all pumped up now! If you feel the same, the first step (if you’re serious about this) is to sign up for email updates to be the first one to know when the next post of this epic blog series comes out on how to create a digital nomad dream life.


Next step, read the next blog post 😉

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